Sale E-Table With Laptop Cooling Pad - Black & White

E-Table With Laptop Cooling Pad - Black & White

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As most laptop users know, even the latest ultrabooks will run hot when you actually use them on your lap. Batteries, graphics cards, and older CPUs can easily exceed 100 degrees if you mistakenly cover their their air vents. This can easily be done by your sofa, bed, or lap. The best way to avoid overheating is a laptop cooling pad, which provides both a rigid surface to rest your laptop on, and high-powered fans to increase airflow and heat dissipation inside its case. Laptop coolers are doubly useful for performing CPU-intensive processes like gaming or video rendering, which can already heat up your laptop enough to slow down your machine. Get this online in Pakistan, exclusively from


  • Foldable legs
  • Structure suitable for any sized laptop
  • Maximum load 25 KG
  • Product Size : 560 * 316* 310mm(22.04* 12.45* 12.20 inch)
  • Foldable Size : 285 * 316 * 36mm (11.22 * 12.44 * 1.41 inch)
  • Adjustable Height : 0-310mm


1 x E-Table With Laptop Cooling Pad - Black & White1 x Cable

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