Revoflex Xtreme - Multi Use Fitness Machine

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Lightweight and easy to abdominal training Pakistan train with Xtreme Revoflex in Pakistan simply five minutes on a daily basis, and you will reach tremendous results! abdominal muscles, back muscles, arm muscles and shoulder muscles, quadriceps and the glutes and training unit at the same time


  • High Quality Product
  • Revoflex Xtreme
  • Powerful Ab Workout
  • Defines Upper, Middle, Lower and Oblique Abs
  • Get an Attractive Waist and Defines Abs
  • Just 5 Minutes A Day
  • 6 Training Levels
  • Develops Your Chest, Bakc, Arms, Shoulders and Abs In One Movement
  • Shapes Your Body Quickly and Easily Without Effort
  • Assisted Bidirectional Power Technology
  • So Compact You Can Take It Anywhere
  • Package Includes:
  • Revoflex Xtreme
  • Carry Case
  • Manual Diet
  • Exercise Guide

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